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BuildIt PostFix Concrete

Our PostFix Concrete is a simple ready-to-use product that provides a fast-setting concrete for fixing posts.   The small aggregate provides a robust, long-term solution and is a favoured traditional method. One bag is enough for one post. Data Sheet BACK

BuildIt General Purpose Cement

Our multi-purpose cement is suitable for a wide range of uses, including concrete, rendering and screeds.   It is compatible with a wide range of admixtures including workability aids and pigments. BACK

BuildIt Easy Mix Mortar

Buildit Postfix Concrete is a factory-made blend that consists of cement, aggregates, sands and specially formulated additives.   It is a specially designed fast setting concrete, ideally suited to erecting all types of posts BACK

BuildIt Fast Setting Cement

Pennine BuildIt fast-set cement is designed for all building maintenance and repair work and is formulated to provide unmatched hardening times.   BuildIt fast-set cement is suitable for fixing railings, fence posts, man holes and much more BACK

BuildIt Kiln Dried Paving Sand

BuildIt Kiln Dried Paving Sand is specifically produced for brushing in between the joints of block paving to prevent lateral movement of the blocks.   It is a clean and fine dry aggregate sand to help prevent movement whilst allowing drainage BACK

BuildIt Multi-Purpose Concrete

Multi-Purpose Concrete is manufactured from cement using specifically selected and graded sand, and coarse aggregates.   It is suitable for all small concrete jobs including driveways, paths, wall foundations and much more. BACK

40N High Strength Concrete

BuildIt 40N High Strength Concrete is designed for use in concrete, mortar, render and screed where higher early strength is required.   This product allows for faster project turn around and is suitable for groundwork, cold weather and interior & exterior use. BACK

14-22mm Apricot Gravel

14-22mm Apricot Gravel is a water-worn beach gravel that features shades of apricot, cream, grey and white.   This attractive quartz gravel will brighten any landscaping scheme. it is ideal for pathways, borders and water features. It is a fish friendly stone, which can be used in fish ponds. BACK

10-20mm Black & White

Create an individual, contemporary look with our premium 10-20mm Black & White gravel.    This striking decorative gravel will look stunning next to paved areas and is ideal for paths, drives, garden borders, rockeries and water features. BACK

10-20mm Black Basalt

This stunning 10-20mm Black Granite is becoming increasingly popular as it is durable and hard-wearing.   It is well suited for driveways and makes a bold statement in any garden. BACK